SS Yellowtail


The SS Yellowtail is a heavy duty high-tech stainless steel spoon for big fish!

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SS Yellowtail

Slim profile, lateral line holes, eyes and gills, 3 and a half ounces, solid single hook, outsized swivel and split rings – all combine for a radical heavy duty spoon for BIG fish. Yellowtail and tuna jump on the fast retrieve casting and jigging spoon.

It breaks the surface and sends spray flying and leaves a bubble trail that fish can see for miles. And follow!

The SS Yellowtail casts long and accurate – you can bang a feeding tuna hundreds of metres away, or right down deep. Watch out for strikes on the way down.

Fish this lure with heavy tackle, it’s built to take a hammering. 50lb Braid on a nice strong 8ft rod will cover you for all kinds of fishing situations – even for throwing to yellowtail off the side.


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