Mydo Baitswimmer #3 with Billplate


The Original Mydo Baitswimmer #3, with Billplate and Lure Pouch. A collectors item!


Mydo Baitswimmer #3 with Billplate

If you like to rig your own traces, start with this flashy and strong baitswimmer. Like all Mydo Baitswimmers except #1, it is through wired, and tested to 60kgs of drag!

Down in the Cape, for snagging yellowtail or yellowfin, rig this head with two strong singles, keeping it Igfa compliant. Put a fresh bonito or small yellowtail on it, and troll it with the lures. Not too fast with the Billplate, but take that off and you will never believe the speeds the Mydo can handle a decent bait at.

Up on the Natal Coast, change to wire. #7 On the leader. And double twisted on the droppers. The further north and into the cleaner water you go, the lighter you can fish the leader. Even down to #4. But keep the droppers heavy! Those couta smash into the bait at such speeds, that this is where the most strain gets felt.

Up in Mozambique, just fish heavier because the chances of a billfish or GT are higher. #8 On the leader is still light but an effective all round choice, combining some stealth, and then breaking strain/resilience.

Once again, swim the bait with the lures. Which is why halfbeaks are just the coolest. They are so tough and easy to look after. Keep it inside a MYDO Lure Pouch in the freezer – all rigged and ready for the morning light.

The #3 Baitswimmer was actually the very first designed by the legendary Brian Davey, way back in the eighties. This gallery depicts those times nicely, and shows that Mydo has a decades long track record making great and lure and great catches.


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